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TKCA offers its customers expert technology, financial strength, quality performance, comprehensive contract management and prompt delivery of products/services. Our staff of aerospace and logistics professionals provides our customer with excellence in program management, logistics support, integration engineering and maintenance management.
Engineering Integration Program Management Logistics
Excellence in Logistics
TKCA’s has established relationships with suppliers and vendors which offers our customers reduced cost, improved delivery schedules, pre- negotiated terms and conditions on contracts and extensive vendor data base. TKCA manages all logistics activities required to provide supplies and services from external suppliers (commercial and government furnished) to all customers.

Excellence in Supply Chain Management
TKC Aerospace’s Supply Chain Management Strategy provides integrated, flexible end-to-end supply chain services and solutions to the Aerospace Industry.  We offer fully integrated and customized programs for effective forecasting, sourcing, distribution and transportation services.

TKCA’s has established relationships with suppliers and vendors which offers our customers reduced cost, improved delivery schedules, pre-negotiated terms and conditions on contracts and extensive vendor data base. TKC Aerospace’s unique approach combines unparalleled planning speed with optimization and collaboration to ensure 100% mission support.

TKC Aerospace continually searches for ways to improve supply chain management through the use of metrics, business process improvement, and fulfillment execution. Our high performance demand-supply planning and collaboration services provide our customers unmatched flexibility for world wide support for ground support equipment, virtual prime vendor support for aircraft structural parts, and initial provisioning for Aircraft Modifications including push packages for repairable items, hardware, consumables, and GSE. These services provide greater efficiency and productivity and seamlessly integrate a total solution.

Excellence in Maintenance
In addition to supply chain management, TKCA offers a diversified array or Logistics support functions to include management of repair and return activities, engine management, planning, scheduling, and documentation, and direct flight line maintenance support. All maintenance support is quality compliance focused and exceeds DOD and industry maintenance standards to include tech data, safety, FOD, tool management, environmental and hazardous material standards and all other aspects of compliance focused maintenance. TKCA uses performance based logistics management, corporate involvement, and recurring performance reviews to ensure all quality and mission capability standards are exceeded. Focus on LEAN maintenance processes ensures continuous improvement and productivity are a daily focus for all employees.

Excellence in Program Management
TKCA employs and assigns Project Management Institute (PMI) Certified Program Managers to our contracts as a part of our commitment to excellence. Our PMP® project managers are very experienced with government contracts and acquisition management. They have successfully led programs involving technically complex deliverables and new development requirements. They are highly competent in the tools, techniques, methodologies, resources, and procedures used to monitor and control major programs.

TKCA establishes a unique Program Management Plan during the initial phase of program performance, defining the specific management areas and major activities for the program performance. Components of this overarching plan include: Quality Management, Risk Management, Subcontract Management, Costs Management, Resource Management Procurement Management, Communication Management, Performance Metrics, and Integrated Master Schedules.

TKCA establishes and maintain lines of communications with our customers to ensure they are current on performance matters and provided highly responsive action to all concerns. We maintain a regular dialog with our customers to facilitate complete insight into the program status, activities, challenges and achievements. Our management staff works closely with the CO/Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) regarding Government oversight and control of contracting actions and issues.

Excellence in Engineering
TKCA provides practical design solutions to satisfy customer requirements. Whether enhancing operational safety with the latest cockpit technologies such as synthetic vision and enhanced terrain awareness warning systems, or upgrading tactical systems such as electro-optical infrared, missile warning and counter-measures, or tactical communications suites, our engineering staff can create a performance oriented solution tailored to the exacting standards of our customers.

Utilizing state of the art computer aided design software we perform multi-layered design analysis ensuring full compliance to all airworthiness requirements. All changes to the aircraft exterior undergo computational fluid dynamics analysis to minimize drag, calculate aero performance, and validate design concepts prior to manufacturing and installation.

TKCA engineers have successfully integrated mission systems for the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Department of State International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs Office of Aviation (INL/A). These mission systems include electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) sensors such as the Wescam MX-15HDi, AESA radar systems, still and video cameras, satellite communication systems, video data link systems, communications both secure and flight, electronic flight instrumentation, digital data recording devices, and mission management software.

TKCA - CFD Analysis
CFD Analysis Validates Design

Our engineers utilize both two and three dimensional design software to develop the technical data packages incorporating the program requirements into installation data packages. We apply a configuration management process to ensure all documents in use for manufacturing of parts or installations of equipment are controlled at the current revision level.

TKCA - 3D Design
3-D design reduces risks and enhances productivity

TKCA stands ready with a full range of engineering resources including FAA DER’s allowing us to satisfy airworthiness requirements, civil, government, or military.

Excellence in Integration
TKCA provides unique solutions for commercial and military equipment installations on various fixed and rotary wing platforms. TKCA utilizes a systematic approach to execute the integration phase of its programs. Whether it is field teams or in-facility work all fabrication, installation, and test functions are performed by qualified personnel under an approved quality management process. This allows all work to be inspected in-process, conformed and tested to all the requirements of the program.

We employ a material control process ensuring all parts procured or fabricated have traceability to both the design drawing and material specification.

All systems are thoroughly tested for proper operation, interoperability, and airworthiness documented by thorough test plans and reports. We are versed in EMI/EMC and TEMPEST testing.

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